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Fragments of sin are a part of me.
New brooms shall sweep clean the heart of me.
      Shall they? Shall they?

When this light life shall have passed away,
God shall redeem me, a castaway.
      Shall He? Shall He?

— Marianne Moore

The Field Book Project

An initiative to increase accessibility to field book content that documents natural history.

How wolves change rivers

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Orchid Monkeys!

Orchid Monkeys!


Author Harper Lee and actress Mary Badham (Scout) on the set of To Kill a Mockingbird in 1962. 

Today is Lee’s 87th birthday! 

One of my favorite books. What a character Atticus Finch is.

Jason Isbell: Cover Me Up



Valais Blacknose Sheep from Switzerland

Photo via redscharlach


reminds me of me in my champagne-colored ride

reminds me of me in my champagne-colored ride