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Valais Blacknose Sheep from Switzerland

Photo via redscharlach


reminds me of me in my champagne-colored ride

reminds me of me in my champagne-colored ride

Doug DuBois, “My Father in the Ocean, Naples, Florida, 2006,” from the series “All the Days and Nights”

My mother’s passport, April 1951

Having come unto

the tall house of our habit

where it settles rump downward

on its stone foundations

in the manner of a homely brood mare

who throws good colts

and having entered

where sunlight is pasted on the windows

ozone rises from the mullions

dust motes pollinate the hallway

and spiders remembering a golden age

sit one in each drain

we will hang up our clothes and our vegetables

we will decorate the rafters with mushrooms

on our hearth we will burn splits of silver popple

we will stand up to our knees in their flicker

the soup kettle will clang five notes of pleasure

and love will take up quarters.

— Maxine Kumin


Long exposure photos of fireflies by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu

via twistedsifter


Crochet agave and cactus by Cristina Uggeri, patterns available free from Ravelry: agave, cactus.


Painted Bunting




The Great State Project: Mexico City Milanese Tortas!

Next in The Great State Project, Nora visits her home away from home, Mexico City! Watch this little video to learn about the quintessential Mexican sandwich — the torta — and then make one for yourself:

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Yay, thanks for the feature!

Thank you for the shout out, FuckyeahMexico!